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At Edition.VC we back the world's iconic entrepreneurs of tomorrow.
We have a passion for B2C and B2B products and out-of-the-box thinking.

The Partners

Björn Bak

Bjoern Bak is the founder and General Partner of Edition.VC, a venture capital fund focusing on new frontier technologies. Being one of the founders of Europes largest social app Bjoern already has a strong track record as a successful serial entrepreneur within the B2C sector.

Martin Pentenrieder

Martin Pentenrieder is venture partner of Edition.VC. As a passionated entrepreneur himself with a strong expertise in deep tech, for him working in venture capital is a privilege. Previously he founded and established companies in the US, Europe and China. 

Ronny Dominick

Ronny Dominick is venture partner at Edition VC. He is an entrepreneur, lawyer and finance specialist. He also worked several years as consultant in the digital industry and has a strong expertise in accelerating technologies like Blockchain, AI and especially XR technologies.

Further Thinking


As a boutique investor we also own an innovation LAB with amazing people supporting our portfolio companies and working on future technologies.


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