About us

At Edition.VC we bring frontier technologies to market. We are a Silicon Saxony based venture firm to invest into start-ups consult them in their seed stage. As an early stage investor and consultancy we are focused on VR/AR/XR, artificial intelligence technologies and social networks. As one of the foremost early stage investors in Saxony and with an unusual story behind, we partner with some of the best entrepreneurs in Germany and around the world. As a boutique investor we also own an innovation LAB with about 20 people working on future technologies and with a strong expertise to support our portfolio companies.


Boutique Fund

We customize our relationships for each portfolio company in a way that is useful and crucial for them. 
Within our principles we aim at deliver high value help where needed.

What's our focus?

We invest in passionate early-stage entrepreneurs and provide exclusive access to our operational experts team in areas such as Software Engineering, Product, Design, Communications, Sales, Marketing and Talent Acquisition.

We invest in great teams, technologies and people with passion, focused execution and stamina. We help them grow to have a sustainable and deep impact into the world around us.

Seed Stage Companies

We are focused on passionate entrepreneurs and companies in their early stage.

Are you a passionate early stage entrepreneur who is willing to explore uncharted territories? 

VR / AR / XR

We invest in early stage startups in VR / AR / XR as we believe that this emerging technology will play an important role on a global level.


Artificial Intelligence

We back bold founders who are willing to explore the world through an entire new perspective - the mindset of artificial intelligence. 


Software as a service

Further thinking risk takers change the way our industry leaders think upon today. That's why we invest in industries with great potential.